Thursday, December 11, 2008


We do think that happiness is the ultimate meaning of a complete life.
We learn a lot to gain some money to be happy. When we earn money, we start thinking whether that is enough for us. Then we start looking at avenues to earn more and more. Then we get lot of things and feel that we get what we wanted to. Then we start thinking about going beyond that. We go for luxurious things. When we get it, we go for even more luxurious things. And after getting whatever we want, we start thinking of relaxing and enjoying the peace of mind. But do we realize that we had lost so many years and did lot of sacrifice to earn happiness? Happiness for a short time in the second half of our life is there but it’s lost in the first half.

We think lot of things in life about ethics. Whatever is ethics for you may not be followed or agreed by another person. And both you and that person are happy with whatever we do.

What is the need for ethics? What is the meaning of ethics? Why is required? When we follow the ethics we feel so happy since our self ego is pampered. But what is self ego? When the other person does unethical thing his self ego is pampered. So what is the difference?

You feel happy with being so integrated to yourself and when a thief is getting a good amount in his assignment he feels so happy. So what is the difference? Why should that be considered as unethical? What is correct for you is not correct for some one else. It is seen right from culture, habits, business and so on. So how do you say that whatever you do is correct? The life is completely full of unethical things if you watch it constantly. We learn lot of ethical things and then we breach them in the practical life saying that the society is corrupted. You frame the society. Collection of you and me are the society. So that means you and me are corrupted. And how come we say that we are ethical? When we go by unethical things and we say that thieves are unethical guys, that are meaningless.

Please look into the meanings in life. Whenever you do something, please see to that no one is getting affected. If there is some one is getting affected, then please try to find a solution for it.

Please come out of all the presumptions and start looking at things with naked eyes.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Flowers are,
Picked by men,
Presented to women,
People go to cemetery after death,
Flowers lie on the cemetery.

Friday, October 24, 2008


I still remember the India shines campaign by BJP Government. Today we cold see that there are lots of companies cut their high paid employee salaries. For example, there was an airline which reduced its employee salary to a large extent. Person who was getting 2 lakh per month is now getting only the 10% of it. Yes, he gets only Rs. 20,000/- per month. Why should this happen? Where is the problem? Which is the route cause for the troubles that we face today?

I could see a huge development in different industries. There are lots of opportunities for the nation to grow. The even though there is a huge financial crisis across the world, India and China is growing a lot.

But people in India feel the heat in fact. We could realize that the prices are hiked to the sky. The middle class lifestyle has become so hard. All the products are not reachable to all. Even though there is a recession in real estate industry, people could not even afford an independent house with half a ground land. Where are we then? Where is the growth? Who is growing at what level? Is the growth true? We need to know the route cause for the issues that are happening. Otherwise everybody will think that India is shining but it will be gold in reality.

We do work a lot for financial growth. But we do not feel the value for the growth. Why should that happen? It happens, because everyone among us thinks that we work a lot and we are upto the expected level so that we should get more. Even if we work less it will bring prosperity when it is a smart work. When we work, we need to keep in mind that we should reduce the cost as much as possible and increase the profits. So please work effectively as well as economically. When we work economically, then we will get more profits to the company. At the same time, we save a lot for the nation as a whole. It might be looking very meager at individual level, but the accumulated amount of savings could be a huge number when we work towards it.

Let us work economically and save money and energy. And let India shine!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I think there is no need to give an introduction of global warming. Everybody in this world is aware that our globe is getting warmer and warmer and warmer. But what do we do to stop or reduce global warming? Are we really environment friendly?

In our daily life, we come across lot of things. We do hear, see and read lots of things, but we do not keep them in our mind. When we listen something or read something, we think that we need to stop global warming.

We do understand that we are wasting or over utilizing the energy and the natural resources that we have, but at the same time we don’t pursue to stop that and save nature. So please notice few things and then proceed in the future so that we could save the nature and the future of us.

Fuel – If there is no transportation in the world then the world never moves and never grows. When we go out, we prefer to reach the destination faster, comfortable and safer. If there are only one or two people go together they can go on a bike so that they could go faster as well as save the fuel to a large extent. It is even better to take up a public transport mode to reach your destination. That might save even more. Your purse will remain healthy, but you should be alert to retain the healthy thick purse. Beware of pickpockets. It might sound bad for lot of us, but when you actually practice you can feel the difference.

There is one issue that might come is the condition of public transport vehicles. They should be maintained properly and they should be designed in such a way that a person will get interest to get into the vehicle. I would say the Chennai road transportation is better now-a-days. I could seethe difference between vehicles before 5-6 years and the present. But at the same time they need to be maintained properly. Maintainance shits sometimes. The corporation should take care of the maintainance of the vehicles. If there is an air-conditioned bus is there in a particular route, that needs to be maintained perfectly and that should be operated continuously in a proper time. Then a higher official of a corporate would like to get into it. Thus it reduces one car in the city traffic. So directly it reduces the fuel consumption of that particular vehicle and indirectly it saves the fuel of the other vehicles on the road since they get a free space and use less amount of fuel to ride on their way. It reduces the air and sound pollution to a large extent.

We can walk for the nearby places instead of taking a bike to the next street to show off that we got a great vehicle. In fact, there is nothing going to happen if you show off your vehicle. You save the time of course but you need to understand that this is affecting your life to some extent in terms of cost, health and social responsibility.

Gas – people talk a lot about the hike of gas pricing, but at the same time why there is a hike. The government is not going to hike the price unnecessarily. When there is an incremental cost of providing it to us, they are hiking. And if there is not subsidiary from the government for the gas manufacturing companies, the prices are going to be somewhere. When we consume gas, let’s take it as a promise that we will reduce the amount of consumption. The way we cook matters a lot. Friends! Please keep everything ready for cooking and then switch on the stove. Please take it as a promise that we will have to save at least a minimum amount of gas. You can feel the difference in your pockets in the monthly spend if you do so.
Electricity – we live in a modern world which is connected with technology. We do use lot of electricity everyday. Electricity plays a vital role in our life on a daily basis. But are we using it properly? The answer hurts.

The electricity is wasted in lot of situations. For example, we do switch off the TV using remote but please remember still it takes a very minimum amount of electricity to keep the remote sensor on. It’s only about TV, but each and every gadget we use takes power. When there is no use of some gadget, why should that take even the small amount of power? It might looks like very meager amount at individual level. Please realize that there are crores and crores of people are there in India. When it accumulates, it matters a lot.

So please let’s realize the situation and save energy!
Also the world!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008


It is quite interesting to talk about advertising because I belong to the same profession.

Advertising is conceived in the society as audio and video advertising. Lot of general people does not get the real meaning of advertising. We could make out in our television programmes and movies that its completely based on fashion and creativity. I still remember a drama in DD – Podhigai, where there will be a guy talks about some illogical thing and the boss appreciates him. I was literally laughing at that.

But that is where we need to think a lot. We have an entire team of creative people from different places across the world. We work a lot in terms of creative works. We get specialists for copy, art and apart from them we get studio people, and a whole lot of creative and artistic team. But is that all about advertising?

When there is an advertisement is made, we think about lot of things. Briefing is considered as an art by itself. It involves lot of study about the industry, market, client behavior, customer psyche and much more.

So is it art or science?

The advertising is all about creativity, but creativity within the boundaries of brief sheet. When an advertisement is made it is not just a creative. It talks about the brand, product, target and the result expected.

An advertisement talks to the targeted audience and it speaks everything it needs to communicate. It is a communication which is made in an interesting way. Professionals say that even if an advertisement is not looking good and getting results then it’s a damn good advertisement. Just like a hut saving us from the weather.

Advertisement is a scientific art which always gives result. But the result is really depending on the way the ad is executed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

ATTRITION!!! The shaking the organization!!!

Attrition! The word that shakes even the industry giants sometimes.

Why would a person leave an organization? What makes him to think of switching over? Where is the route cause for this issue? Few words on that…

Companies are recruiting people on a regular basis. People are just coming and going into the organizations. No matter whether it is small, medium, large or very large. Everybody is fighting to retain the employees. Is there a shortage of man power in india? I don’t think so, in country like India (We are the greatest achievers in it)! Then why there is a great amount of efforts to reduce attrition rate? Where the trouble begins?


If we notice the attrition rates in different industries, the attrition is mostly there in the contemporary or the modern industries like IT, ITES, Advertising, etc. Generally people don’t stay for a long time in these industries. We could have seen ads for the IT companies stating that there are people who are there with them for more than six years in a row (Imagine the employee turn over!). Why is it so?

When a 21 year old youngster comes out of his studies he would like to have an immediate opening. At that time he is not much worried about the salary (Probably a person having more than one option may think about it). But when a person is getting into the industry and looking at people earn more and more, then his antenna starts smelling the new opening with a better package.

Even if some one is well paid, he will sustain with the company only when he could see the development in his cadre. When someone stays with a company, he would definitely get the hike in terms of salary as well as the position. Suppose if there is no development in position or there is no sufficient pace of growth within the organization, then he goes for a new opening which will add a new colour to his career.

Whatever we do, we are doing it to live happily. When an employee gets into a job and grows in his career, he would definitely be proud of being a part of the team. And he would like to share the joy of proud feel with his family and friends. But I am not sure whether that happens with every one. If it is not happening to some one then there is an alarm starts activating in his mind asking a big question.

“What am I doing?”

When he gets it then there is another question that comes into his mind.

“Where is the opening for me?”

Time matters a lot. People are working like anything and logic given is they are paid more. Whatever we earn, we are earning only for enjoying the life. When there is no time given to live, then is there a point to earn?

Then comes the health. You get a very good package and very good position at the work place. And you slog out like anything to complete the tasks and prove yourself. But suddenly you feel that you put on weight like anything.

It happens in almost all the companies in the modern industries. That is the reason lot of the bigger companies are having their own gymnasiums and health centers within the company. The health is very much important for everybody. When there is a chance of getting into a bigger company and get more salary, the health goes off due to work pressure and the bad timings of work as well as food.

The employer is expected to understand the feelings, issues and the hurdles of work. And he is expected to treat the employee as a friend or as a family member.


When an employee is entering in an organisaiton, he comes with lots of dreams to prove himself and grows. The employer is expecting a lot from each and every new employee. Whether the purpose is getting solved? In fact, it is a very big question.

What is the ultimate expectation for an employer? Nothing else but only adding positive value to the organization. When an employee is adding more value to the organization, no employer will be ready to leave an employee.

When there is a value addition by the employee, the employer will be ready to share the benefits with him in some or the other way. It could be either monetary or non-monetary. But the remuneration is for sure for a deserving candidate.

When an employee is looking for a good hike in his salary the participation in developing the organization should also taken in consideration for the comparison. The hike in perks should be in par with the performance. That is the reason there is something called performance evaluation during the financial year end or half yearly or quarterly. No employer would like to leave an employee since there is a huge investment of time and money on each employee. But at the same time result is expected out of him for the investment. At the end of the day, all these are for money [To be legitimate, profit / ROI].
Do we solve the purpose of the employment? When the purpose of the employment is solved there is no problem for the employee to retain people with him. Even the performance is not upto the expected level, employer is ready to retain the employee as long as there is some contribution from the employee in organizational growth.

The career is decided with two parameters in general. One is the cadre and other one is the company that a person is working with. But at the same time, we could see bigger attrition rates at even bigger companies.
Let the employees understand that the employer will be looking for him/her to retain for long time.
Let the employers understand that no employee wants so much of companies in his/her career since that will terribly affect the career growth.
So let us understand each other and go for a glorious future!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Life rolls on the money. Everybody pursue to get it more and more and more. Each and every part of life is very much relied on money. It’s the paper that writes on us. People go mad for money. If there is no money?
Lets imagine!!!
No one worries about life. Life becomes so light and bright. There will not be any value for materials. People will think only about the resources. So obviously there will be a need for saving the natural resources. The person who saves a lot will be considered as millionaires. There will not be any fight among human beings for wealth [even between the countries!]. Natural resources will be saved a lot and there will not be problems because of social status. The world will be so natural in its lifestyle so that it will be considered as highly valued region to live.
Lot of us compromise ourselves just for the sake of money, because in this current scenario, we need money to live and grow more. We are disclosed in the society on the basis of money when it comes to social status.
We might not pay the ticket charges. There will be a bag with us always to carry things to be used in barter system. Luxury means high amount of savings. And then the country with the most natural resource will be the richest nation in the world.
If there is no money that is the real communism and socialism. Everybody use everything they need. Money matters a lot in our life. People say that it’s a part of life. Yes, It’s the heart of life.
Hope you guys get it right!!!

Friday, August 8, 2008


The world is revolving around the sun and we call it as years. It revolves itself as a drunken fellow at 23.5 degrees angle, and we call it a day. It determines our life time. It is the mighty power of nature which is controlling the whole life.
If you peep inside this scenario, you can realize that the whole world is running behind two needles which determines your time [May be good or bad! Who knows???]. Just imagine if there is no time and we do not have any time measuring equipment!!!
Let’s go crazy!!!
We don’t have to wake up very early in the morning! No need to run to office to catch up in time. A great leisure life is yours! Your team leader is not going to stare at you as if you have done a great blunder! You can peacefully work on your own time. There will not be a deadline for deliverables. Enjoy the office days. Don’t have to wait for weekends to enjoy! The world is yours!
There will be relationships like brother and sister. But there is no chance for the words elder and younger. You can take it how ever you want. Everybody could be a friend. No needs to think of your age till you are fit.
The world is full happiness. The blood is not going to boil in the tension. Every one will be relaxed and happy. Just imagine the world filled with happiness. There is no need for doctors to some extent!!!
The world is not going to revolve the sun in twenty four hours and we are not going to have seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and … Life!
Yes, when there is no time, there is no commitment. There are no targets. Life is meaning less without targets or goals. So let’s work with time, on time!