Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Dear Friends,
We read so much about the global warming and we are trying to reduce the warm level(???!!!). Every nation is doing several awareness programmes.

We see that the habit of switching off the power in a particular time for few minutes is a recent trend in acting against global warming.

Let us take an oath now. Let us switch off the power every day for ten minutes. If every one of us do this regiously then we could very well save so much of power and save the globe as well.


Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It was a Sunday evening. I had a call from my friend asking me whether we could watch a movie. It was long time since I saw a movie in theatre. The last movie I saw was Monsters Vs Aliens. So I thought I would go for it.
Since it was around 5.30 we have decided to watch it at the nearby theatre (RAKKI). The last movie I saw in that theatre was ALAIPAYUDHE. I still remmeber the insects that were watching movie along with us in the same seat (!). But it was renovated now.
We had two options. "eeram" and some other movie. We went to a movie called "eeram". We were expecting a different movie since the trailer was good.
As the movie began, it was mind blowing. I never saw a Tamil cinema thriller like this. The story started as an investigation story and went further as a story about ghost. It was quite thrilling. If you ask about the story, there is nothing so big. Its the same revenge taking ghost.
At the same time, its a feast for eyes and ears. Each and every frame was worked out carefully. It was awesome. The art was so good. the cinemotography was too god. Each and every frame speaks the story and gets the mood .Right from the colours, tone, frame composition, props everthing was so good.And the music was too good. Not even one song is like stuffing. It gels with the story lines as it moves. The music for the songs and the background music were too good and they were gelling so well. I did not realise such a style of music after Pidhamagan. There is a smooth flow and transition.
The story shuttles between current and flashback, which is enjoyable in a thriller. I still remember BOOGIEMAN where the scenes will change weirdly. It used to shuttle between inside and outside a house.
Adhi who played a cop role did his job. The physical gesture and attitude was perfect. He has shown the difference between a college student and the cop. The character was too much suitable for him.
Nandha who is seen as a soft boy in the earlier movies has come as a soft villain and his work is increased towards the end. The director cleverly played the story in such a way that Adhi gets more importance in the first half and Nandha gets it in the second half. I hope that Nandha gets a good break through after this movie. He might get registered like Jeeva in KAAKA KAAKA.
Only flaw in the movie I feel is the suspense reveals in the beginning of second half itself. The movie would have been even more better if that was kept secret some how.
This movie is a milestone for Tamil cinema for sure. After a long time I had a very good movie watching experience.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


It was May 15th 2009. I was coming out of a long meeting with my client at cenotaph road. As I took my bike out from the parking area, I started planning for my weekend. I was riding on the busy road with a very pleasant mood (Obviously due to the outcome of the meeting).

Though I had to go through the busiest roads of Chennai to reach my place, it was a food ride for me luckily. The traffic was as crowded as it used to be always, but amazingly it was flowing freely. Probably due to weekend happiness in everyone there on the roads I guess. I normally used to curse the same crowd when it gets blocked due to various reasons (I didn’t realize that I am a part of the same traffic!)

As I was passing through Mugappair,I saw a very small lightning at the far distance I could see on the sky. My mind started making its own music notes (It happens to me when I am so happy). My accelerator started getting more load on it. And the speedometer is slowly raising its needle to 60 kmph.

As I was crossing golden flats, I had some cool dots on my hands. It was the holy, heavenly raindrops. It started drizzling. Now my music notes started to transform to a new avatar. The new music was playing in my mind.

I felt that the heaven is open for me now. As soon as I crossed Amabttur Industrial Estate, the heaven was completely open. It started pouring. The roads were cleaned without any Corporation Employees (Thanks to nature!). My bike has got some free water wash (he he, even myself). That was the happiest moment in that hectic week.

My bike was giving me me a smooth ride even though the roads were covered with layers of waters. I took off my helmet wiser and enjoying the kisses of nature. As I reached home I was completely drenched. I was standing outside and enjoying the rain though I reached my home. My mother saw me through the window and asking me to come inside.

I murmured to myself,