Thursday, November 7, 2013


It was a Saturday work and I have to stay even after the lunch break since the work was taking too much time. And I did not want to eat the regular stuff which I eat every time I eat outside. So I thought of taking a walk to find some new place and I found a banner saying “Katti Kabab Company”. Just went inside.
That is where the surprise was. That is the first place I have seen for a typical Bengali food. The sticker on the door said, “Rolls from Kolkatta

”. It’s a simple place with some long cushion seats. The place is much cleaner and it actually not like a regular food joint we are used to. No cluttered tables and chairs where you will be wondering way to reach the last table (if you have to). It was a different feel all together and that excited me.

Since I am a vegetarian, I have ordered a Panner roll and my friend ordered a chicken roll. It was made fresh in the kitchen for us. I asked the person on the bill counter whether I can see the kitchen. He was very much open and he allowed us.

The kitchen was very neat and the food was made fresh. I am actually tired of the food which was made and just warmed up before its delivered. This gave a great freshness and the eagerness to eat. And another good thing is they have different Tava and different grilling for both veg and non-veg.  They are completely separate preparations and that gave me a peace of my mind because I am very particular that my food is actually vegetarian and not a veg made with non-veg cooked vessel.
The food is so yummy and filling. I still get watering when I recollect the lemon flavor in the masala. Usually we don’t get it in the food except the Punjabi food where the lemon is given separately. A slight dash of lemon and chat masala was making the food so good and I happened to order the second one. This time I asked for a wheat wrap instead of maida wrap.

At this place I should tell you guys on the price part. They are very much wallet friendly. Two can finish their quick bites for just Rs. 250/-. Also they deliver in the nearby places if the bill is more than Rs.350/-. (approximately just 3 rolls).

I felt that it’s the place for authentic Bengali katti rolls. In Chennai I have not seen a place where I can get a Katti roll with an authentic Bengali taste.

This place is a must visit. It’s not just a roll like a Frankie. Its an enjoyment of Indian food in a modern form.
I came out with a happiness filled both in the stomach and the heart!!!

Katti Kabab Company! A nice experience after a long time.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Photography contest

My first photography contest. Vote for the image if you think its worth.
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