Friday, August 3, 2012

Communication on a coffee evening!

Hi all,
Two days back I was having samosas in the restaurant nearby our office. (Its the same old and famous canteen which is there in Sakthi Towers for years together). When I was coming out I was paying cash and suddenly wanted to have a toffee! It was not a famous brand and even I was reading the name for the first time. At the same time it just grabbed my attention through the packaging design. (As a man from advertising fraternity, it is quite usual but not for a common man. So he was starring at me)

The toffee is a coffee flavoured confectionery and they have done a very much interesting packaging design. Its a pillow pouch but the art involved was just amazing. It was classy coffee beans in the front and as the background, they have taken the wonders of the world like Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, etc with the dark coffee feel. I thought I should share the design with you all!

We come across different brands who spend a lot on branding and advertising but they dont get into the detailing like this and see how they can position themselves. But this company made their mark in the packaging itself. I am sure that they will have a good taste of communication if they decide to advertising.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Its time to think

It’s been quite sometime since I wrote the last blog. And I was thinking how mechanical we have become and we revolve around one single thing, ‘money’.

There are so many people say that they don’t go behind money. That means either they don’t want to take risk or don’t want to go further to earn more or else they are really happy with what they get.

From the childhood we are habituated to go behind money. We are getting into the schooling and trying to improve our habits which will show us really polished and we are trying to utilize all our talents and resources to get more money.

When we reach out to the completion of secondary school we start thinking about ‘career’. Apparently most of the times it is not something that we were passionate about but something that has better employment opportunities. When we choose the courses with better employment opportunities there the mechanical life starts.

We all know that the world is getting more competitive. Hence we are pushed to do more than what we do at each level. So we start slogging out on the earning opportunities. And we are ready to sacrifice few things that are really closer to our hearts.

The reality is we are doing so much to earn more money and live happy. But we completely forget that we loose so many things that can make us happy and at the end of it we have money but not able to enjoy the life as we wanted to.

We live a long life, earn so much and do so many achievements. But we should admit the fact that not all of us are living the life as we wanted. We are in the race with time and money and we forget that the life will never wait for us and it will move on its own pace.

We need to admit the fact that money is the most important aspect in our life. Some traditional philosophies might say that it’s a small part of out life but believe me friends. It’s the heart of our life. It’s too small in size but too much powerful and does all the tricks it can to keep us moving.

For our livelihood we require money in each and every stage. I remember the days when I used to travel for 75 paise for which I am paying 9 rupees now in 10 years.

Right from the early morning till the time we sleep, even when we sleep, we are in need of money.

But let us think about this my friends!
When we live, we work. We spend so much of time in earning money to make ourselves happy but we forget that we loose all our time and energy in getting that money and not able to feel the real happiness!

I would like to have your opinions on it!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year

The much awaited moment is here today!

The day bringing a new leap year,
The day bringing happiness all over the world,
The day that shows that we need to make new resolutions (hopefully following),
The day bringing talks about the ending of Mayan Calendar of ancient Americans,
And much more!!!!!!!!!!!!

WELCOME 2012!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!