Thursday, October 16, 2008


I think there is no need to give an introduction of global warming. Everybody in this world is aware that our globe is getting warmer and warmer and warmer. But what do we do to stop or reduce global warming? Are we really environment friendly?

In our daily life, we come across lot of things. We do hear, see and read lots of things, but we do not keep them in our mind. When we listen something or read something, we think that we need to stop global warming.

We do understand that we are wasting or over utilizing the energy and the natural resources that we have, but at the same time we don’t pursue to stop that and save nature. So please notice few things and then proceed in the future so that we could save the nature and the future of us.

Fuel – If there is no transportation in the world then the world never moves and never grows. When we go out, we prefer to reach the destination faster, comfortable and safer. If there are only one or two people go together they can go on a bike so that they could go faster as well as save the fuel to a large extent. It is even better to take up a public transport mode to reach your destination. That might save even more. Your purse will remain healthy, but you should be alert to retain the healthy thick purse. Beware of pickpockets. It might sound bad for lot of us, but when you actually practice you can feel the difference.

There is one issue that might come is the condition of public transport vehicles. They should be maintained properly and they should be designed in such a way that a person will get interest to get into the vehicle. I would say the Chennai road transportation is better now-a-days. I could seethe difference between vehicles before 5-6 years and the present. But at the same time they need to be maintained properly. Maintainance shits sometimes. The corporation should take care of the maintainance of the vehicles. If there is an air-conditioned bus is there in a particular route, that needs to be maintained perfectly and that should be operated continuously in a proper time. Then a higher official of a corporate would like to get into it. Thus it reduces one car in the city traffic. So directly it reduces the fuel consumption of that particular vehicle and indirectly it saves the fuel of the other vehicles on the road since they get a free space and use less amount of fuel to ride on their way. It reduces the air and sound pollution to a large extent.

We can walk for the nearby places instead of taking a bike to the next street to show off that we got a great vehicle. In fact, there is nothing going to happen if you show off your vehicle. You save the time of course but you need to understand that this is affecting your life to some extent in terms of cost, health and social responsibility.

Gas – people talk a lot about the hike of gas pricing, but at the same time why there is a hike. The government is not going to hike the price unnecessarily. When there is an incremental cost of providing it to us, they are hiking. And if there is not subsidiary from the government for the gas manufacturing companies, the prices are going to be somewhere. When we consume gas, let’s take it as a promise that we will reduce the amount of consumption. The way we cook matters a lot. Friends! Please keep everything ready for cooking and then switch on the stove. Please take it as a promise that we will have to save at least a minimum amount of gas. You can feel the difference in your pockets in the monthly spend if you do so.
Electricity – we live in a modern world which is connected with technology. We do use lot of electricity everyday. Electricity plays a vital role in our life on a daily basis. But are we using it properly? The answer hurts.

The electricity is wasted in lot of situations. For example, we do switch off the TV using remote but please remember still it takes a very minimum amount of electricity to keep the remote sensor on. It’s only about TV, but each and every gadget we use takes power. When there is no use of some gadget, why should that take even the small amount of power? It might looks like very meager amount at individual level. Please realize that there are crores and crores of people are there in India. When it accumulates, it matters a lot.

So please let’s realize the situation and save energy!
Also the world!!!

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