Friday, August 8, 2008


The world is revolving around the sun and we call it as years. It revolves itself as a drunken fellow at 23.5 degrees angle, and we call it a day. It determines our life time. It is the mighty power of nature which is controlling the whole life.
If you peep inside this scenario, you can realize that the whole world is running behind two needles which determines your time [May be good or bad! Who knows???]. Just imagine if there is no time and we do not have any time measuring equipment!!!
Let’s go crazy!!!
We don’t have to wake up very early in the morning! No need to run to office to catch up in time. A great leisure life is yours! Your team leader is not going to stare at you as if you have done a great blunder! You can peacefully work on your own time. There will not be a deadline for deliverables. Enjoy the office days. Don’t have to wait for weekends to enjoy! The world is yours!
There will be relationships like brother and sister. But there is no chance for the words elder and younger. You can take it how ever you want. Everybody could be a friend. No needs to think of your age till you are fit.
The world is full happiness. The blood is not going to boil in the tension. Every one will be relaxed and happy. Just imagine the world filled with happiness. There is no need for doctors to some extent!!!
The world is not going to revolve the sun in twenty four hours and we are not going to have seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and … Life!
Yes, when there is no time, there is no commitment. There are no targets. Life is meaning less without targets or goals. So let’s work with time, on time!

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