Thursday, December 11, 2008


We do think that happiness is the ultimate meaning of a complete life.
We learn a lot to gain some money to be happy. When we earn money, we start thinking whether that is enough for us. Then we start looking at avenues to earn more and more. Then we get lot of things and feel that we get what we wanted to. Then we start thinking about going beyond that. We go for luxurious things. When we get it, we go for even more luxurious things. And after getting whatever we want, we start thinking of relaxing and enjoying the peace of mind. But do we realize that we had lost so many years and did lot of sacrifice to earn happiness? Happiness for a short time in the second half of our life is there but it’s lost in the first half.

We think lot of things in life about ethics. Whatever is ethics for you may not be followed or agreed by another person. And both you and that person are happy with whatever we do.

What is the need for ethics? What is the meaning of ethics? Why is required? When we follow the ethics we feel so happy since our self ego is pampered. But what is self ego? When the other person does unethical thing his self ego is pampered. So what is the difference?

You feel happy with being so integrated to yourself and when a thief is getting a good amount in his assignment he feels so happy. So what is the difference? Why should that be considered as unethical? What is correct for you is not correct for some one else. It is seen right from culture, habits, business and so on. So how do you say that whatever you do is correct? The life is completely full of unethical things if you watch it constantly. We learn lot of ethical things and then we breach them in the practical life saying that the society is corrupted. You frame the society. Collection of you and me are the society. So that means you and me are corrupted. And how come we say that we are ethical? When we go by unethical things and we say that thieves are unethical guys, that are meaningless.

Please look into the meanings in life. Whenever you do something, please see to that no one is getting affected. If there is some one is getting affected, then please try to find a solution for it.

Please come out of all the presumptions and start looking at things with naked eyes.

Friday, December 5, 2008


Flowers are,
Picked by men,
Presented to women,
People go to cemetery after death,
Flowers lie on the cemetery.