Monday, September 8, 2008


It is quite interesting to talk about advertising because I belong to the same profession.

Advertising is conceived in the society as audio and video advertising. Lot of general people does not get the real meaning of advertising. We could make out in our television programmes and movies that its completely based on fashion and creativity. I still remember a drama in DD – Podhigai, where there will be a guy talks about some illogical thing and the boss appreciates him. I was literally laughing at that.

But that is where we need to think a lot. We have an entire team of creative people from different places across the world. We work a lot in terms of creative works. We get specialists for copy, art and apart from them we get studio people, and a whole lot of creative and artistic team. But is that all about advertising?

When there is an advertisement is made, we think about lot of things. Briefing is considered as an art by itself. It involves lot of study about the industry, market, client behavior, customer psyche and much more.

So is it art or science?

The advertising is all about creativity, but creativity within the boundaries of brief sheet. When an advertisement is made it is not just a creative. It talks about the brand, product, target and the result expected.

An advertisement talks to the targeted audience and it speaks everything it needs to communicate. It is a communication which is made in an interesting way. Professionals say that even if an advertisement is not looking good and getting results then it’s a damn good advertisement. Just like a hut saving us from the weather.

Advertisement is a scientific art which always gives result. But the result is really depending on the way the ad is executed.

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