Thursday, November 24, 2016

National Day!

Hi friends!

Its been a while since I have been here and shared something with you guys.

And I am back!

Currently I am living in Sultanate of Oman and recently there were celebrations for their National Day here on 18th November. Believe me friends, it was like the new year or a Diwali in India.

People even wear clothes that are made with the colours of the national flags here. Every year it’s a great celebration here and people o celebrate it like anything. They even wear clothes in the national flag colours and the vehicles are decorated with the national flag colours. I have been to a shopping mall and saw a live performance. A glimpse of it has been added here for your eyes.

I am sure that we are proud that we are Indians. At the same time, how and how much we celebrate the feeling? I just had a big question.

Please understand or should I say realise that it means a lot to us. Its beyond chocolates, beyond patriotic movies, beyond some speeches by our leaders and beyond HOLIDAYS!

It might sound a little emotional but remember, emotions make our life lively and not just the materialistic things around us.

I would love to celebrate those two days! How about you?