Friday, October 24, 2008


I still remember the India shines campaign by BJP Government. Today we cold see that there are lots of companies cut their high paid employee salaries. For example, there was an airline which reduced its employee salary to a large extent. Person who was getting 2 lakh per month is now getting only the 10% of it. Yes, he gets only Rs. 20,000/- per month. Why should this happen? Where is the problem? Which is the route cause for the troubles that we face today?

I could see a huge development in different industries. There are lots of opportunities for the nation to grow. The even though there is a huge financial crisis across the world, India and China is growing a lot.

But people in India feel the heat in fact. We could realize that the prices are hiked to the sky. The middle class lifestyle has become so hard. All the products are not reachable to all. Even though there is a recession in real estate industry, people could not even afford an independent house with half a ground land. Where are we then? Where is the growth? Who is growing at what level? Is the growth true? We need to know the route cause for the issues that are happening. Otherwise everybody will think that India is shining but it will be gold in reality.

We do work a lot for financial growth. But we do not feel the value for the growth. Why should that happen? It happens, because everyone among us thinks that we work a lot and we are upto the expected level so that we should get more. Even if we work less it will bring prosperity when it is a smart work. When we work, we need to keep in mind that we should reduce the cost as much as possible and increase the profits. So please work effectively as well as economically. When we work economically, then we will get more profits to the company. At the same time, we save a lot for the nation as a whole. It might be looking very meager at individual level, but the accumulated amount of savings could be a huge number when we work towards it.

Let us work economically and save money and energy. And let India shine!!!

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Karthik said...

Awakening post mate!!!