Monday, January 31, 2011

Happines (Arun) Unlimited

I still remember the days when I and my friend used to visit Arun Unlimited. We both were working closeby and we used to meet up often there (both of us are crazy about chocolates and ice creams). We were enjoying a lot and I still remember those kiddish moments (after all everyone has a kid in themselves).

After me joining a different office I had not been to arun for a long time and I visited the same R.A.Puram Arun Unlimited after a very long time. Yesterday I had a meeting in R.A.Puram with a friend and we decided to celebrate the positive meeting with an ice cream (found a reason to ear ice cream).

As we all know Chennai roads are awesome on holidays (especially Sunday afternoons). We were very close to Arun Unlimited. We wanted to drop in for a scoop. So the bike automatically went on to the direction required.

As we enter, we started feeling so happy to see the flavours and a short discussion (?) about selecting flavours were happening. We were not confused but too many options available. Finally I took a choco almond and he took a Chocó vanilla. As we were eating (enjoying the mesmerizing melt) we realized that we are about to finish the ice cream. We felt really sad.

I started feeling so bad that its going to get over which made us to buy another scoop. I had a Red Indian and he had a fruit salad flavor. Hmmmmmmmmmm! (I have no words to explain the taste. So yummy).

The second scoop was getting over and I wanted to drag the happiness for some more time. I slowed down the eating and scooping process (you might think I am crazy, but its too good) and finally ended up with forty minutes of heaven.


'Niroo' Ravi - Copywriter, Creative thinker, Blogger, Pot painter, Bongo banger, Angel, Devil, Freak said...

Nice post title Mr. Nattu :-).
I got ice cream from Arun Unlimited in Velachery (me and my Mom :) ) a couple weeks bk. I had something with a hint of choc and coffee (I think) but it doesn't go by a chocolaty / coffee-ish name. Was yum yum, in keeping with the reputation of AU :-)

Bala said...

About this blog -Use background template, i have seen this somewhere