Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Rider's Voice

I was wondering how was it possible to make a road in a single day when there is a politician coming and at the same time it is so difficult to make a usual road.

The answer I got is "patch work".

I am seeing the chennai roads for more than 20 years and the scenario has not changed a lot to be frank. The roads are there but not in a proper form. Some places are really shabby for the past two decades.

There are some reasons (excuses) given by the authorities that the roads are made by contractors and the roads may get spoiled because of rains.

I have some questions in my mind and here they are;

Are the roads made properly?

Are they made up of quality products?

Is the process is quite fine?

If not what is the next plan we have?

If we notice the British period roads in Chennai, they are just fine. Then why not the new roads?

When there are some areas in the city have no issues on the roads, there are some areas where they hardly see a new road. Is it because of the VIP’s staying there?

Most of the road projects happens in the summer and they are getting spoiled in the rainy season. So shall we think of a new technology that will stand fine for all the seasons?

If the cost is the issue with the new technology implementation, isn’t it better to spend some more instead laying new roads every summer and patch working on every rainy season? As a result it will save money I guess!

I anticipate the new roads will be ready by February as the elections are approaching and the roads are going to be good as the elections are approaching.

Let us all think!

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