Thursday, October 7, 2010


MARG LIGHTSOUT! You people would have seen the advertisements for them in different mediums like print, radio, internet, etc. Are we going to participate?

It’s been a long time since I meet Mr. Nirmal, founder of EXNORA who are into environment care and I am really impressed by his passion. I remember my school days when I used to attend his meetings around the school I was studying.

MARG properties have tied up with EXNORA and doing a wonderful campaign to reduce global warming. On 10th October 2010, exactly at 10 pm, they are requesting people to switch off the lights for ten minutes. It may look like a small task but when it is going to be executed at every one’s home and office, the carbon counts gets reduced a lot and that’s gonna be a great saving for the globe.

I was just thinking whether we could extend the campaign a little and switch off not only the lights but all the electrical gadgets. It might save even more.

Come, let us work towards helping ourselves and contribute our part in reducing the global warming! Switch off the electrical gadgets from 10 to 10.10 on 10.10.10.

I am going to do it. How about you?

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