Monday, October 4, 2010


It was the day after my birthday and had an SMS from my friend, the great one and only Niru saying “Oy, Budday boy, gud afternoon.” The crazy spelling made me to smile a little and kindled my mind to go a little wild in English to add some more fun to it. Here is the conversation.

Niru : Oy, Budday boy, gud afternoon

Me : I am budday only last day. No curret day.

What lunch you eat this day? I no lunch this day. Only apple apple (I mean two apples)

Niru : haha… Appl apple. I had puliyodharai (one of her favourites)

Me : How much rice you was eat?

Niru : 1 tupperware square dabba

Me : Big square dabba? Or soppu dabba size?

Niru : 15 by 15 cm

Me : That much eat enough you for?

Niru : Rough size. Me v much enuf

Me : Ok. We meet next day (tomorrow) inside sandy?

Niru : Yessu. We meet 2mrw inside sandeeee

Me : I have one meeting alwarpet signer near. I finish that after then we meet?

Niru : Evening?

Me : S. Round 6.30

Niru : 6?

Me : I plan that like only but I not can push that person

Niru : Wokay. Isn’t eet better to meet during lunchtaim? Kaapi day near my office?

Me : I need come there two times. That reason only I telling. I planning his meeting at 5. After I finish meeting along with him I call you can. That ok on you side?

Niru : Where ur client place?

Me : Eldams Road

Niru : Um. Ok. Evening’s ok then. But, shall we meet @ Arun Unlimited instead?

Me : I no issue but no chocolate?

Niru : Chocolate icecream and fudge! Hehe

Me : I fix you fix. Quick fix.

Sorry English lovers!

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