Monday, September 20, 2010

The Wonderful Friday!

I would definitely say that the college days are one of the best days of anybody and I hope all of you agree with me. Its nothing but full of joy, enjoyment and the transformation of maturity.

But the sad thing is we get lost in the swinging life after the college and get into the swirls of career, marriage, etc. But when we meet our friends and recollect those days, it becomes a wonderful moment. It happened to me on Friday (17th September, 2010).

It was a Friday (as usual weekend plans were getting ready inside every one’s mind) and I was having couple of jobs to be finished. The advertisements were ready by Thursday and we (me and the creative) wanted to finish the job as soon as possible. So we were making the ad very effective and exactly how a client will expect. And then it was sent to the client and we were just waiting for the feedback (with keeping fingers crossed, hoping no major changes). The amazing fact is we were working on Friday with the speed of Thursday deadline (sometimes it helps to get the approvals on time – the typical technique of a client service person). I should definitely thank my clients because the thinking is very much similar between me and the client (thanks to telepathy. I think you can laugh as its nothing but a joke).

My friend john was getting married on the same day evening and I was invited (John is one of the closest guys I mingle with. We sat next to each other for five years in college – both UG & PG). And that sweet guy remembered me thrice about his marriage which made me feel so much and I have decided to be there for sure.

I was on a full swing and the advertisements were done by 4.30 pm. Luckily I had a call from my Director and he was in a very good mood (it happens to every one when Vitamine ‘M’ comes in). I spoke to him and got the permission for leaving early and confirmed that the jobs for the day are done (Ensuring that I am perfect and made an indirect statement to him as I am expecting an appraisal). My mind was flying before me to Vijay Park Inn (even in the heavy peak hour traffic of Chennai! He he). I just came down to the parking at 4.50 and jumped on to my bike (I call it a black panther). As I cross the parking exit, I just realized that I look shabby (obviously after a hectic day). So I started riding towards my home.

I was so lucky that the traffic was relatively lesser at that time and I could reach the home in 40 minutes. Had a Quick shave & shower (after one week I had the shave thinking that I will look better). Then Came out, locked the door and started riding my black panther (my black panther looks very small as it’s a 1998 model hero Honda street – one of the rare pieces in the city) again towards the hall.

After riding for about half an hour I came to the hall and called up my friend (the other guy with whom we spent two years in PG). He asked me to come to the sixth floor. Then only I realized that I just got into Radha Park Inn which is just the building before the actual venue. Then I have to take my bike again outside and went to the venue (Later I found that lots of people had that confusion).

The moment I got in I could see the momentum happening there. My eyes were surfing so fast among the crowd for my friends. My guess was right. My PG classmates were together and they started waving their hands to me with 1000 watts lights bright smiles. I approached them and I found that my sweet friends booked a seat for me there (the usual Chennai style of keeping the gift on the chair). John was peacefully sitting on the stage as the rituals are happening.

By another five minutes, I realized a hand on my shoulder. It was Jagdish my UG classmate. The happiness gone a notch ahead. And He asked me to come and sit with him. Then I had to request my PG guys to excuse me and jumped out of the seat with Jaga.

The entire UG group got together then. Jaga, Nithyanand, Jude, Charles, Lokesh, Madhuri, Rajesh, Latha, Muth, Sathish Chand and so many others. All were with their own families & kids and so much of fun. And amazing fact is that the entire group happened to be as we were in the UG days. The same happiness, friendly smiles, pulling legs, and so on and on and on (I could not find the appropriate words to expose the happiness). We really enjoyed each and every second there and the kids were so much of attraction among us. Madhuri’s 3 year daughter wanted me to take her and go for a walk and Jude’s daughter wanted to be with me till her father got into the car ( You know we get a heavenly feel and forget the environment sometimes with kids).

10.00 P.M.

One by one started saying Good bye with no mind to leave but they have to. It was a great moment to have every one and that’s really nice to see every one of them who were there with you in one of the best moments in life. It was so nice to see them back after a long time and mull over those sweet days. Me and Jaga was talking about having a get together with all the UG guys another day. Let us hope!

I left the place around 10.30 and when I came down my black panther was waiting for me as a girl waiting to go home in the late night (he he). I took off straight from the parking and said a final good bye to Jude’s daughter as she was smiling and waving her hands to me from the car.

Left the hotel with a smile and I was riding back to my place, with overflowing happiness at heart!!!!!


'Niroo' Ravi - Copywriter, Creative thinker, Blogger, Pot painter, Bongo banger, Angel, Devil, Freak said...

Great to know u had a wonderful evening :-) (ok.. where's the blog article on our evening at Coffee Day and Sandy's ? I think it deserves one)

And the black panther bit was v funny :)

Natarajamani said...

I call him Black Panther because of performance! and its a black vehicle!
It roars (on the other words, so much of noise at high speeds! he he)