Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday @ Sandy's

It was my third visit to Sandy’s on last Sunday.

I was working in another agency in RA Puram when I first heard about Sandy’s Chocolate Laboratory. Couple of art directors over there were the regular visitors of Sandy and some how it happened to me to go there. May be because I was too much into Arun unlimited at that time (I meet my friend Niru almost every time at Arun Unlimited as we both were passionate about it)

The Friday evening when I was in my friend John’s marriage, I had a message from Niru (Niru is my close friend who is ass passionate about food especially chocolates – just like me) about Sandy’s. There was another friend who was also coming for the same chocolate meeting (he he) there. So I was sure that its gonna be a great time.

As the meeting with the client postpones, our meeting time was postponed twice. This is again because of the creative person, Niru (Just kidding). We were suppose to meet up at 3.30 pm and our copy lady wanted to have at 4.00pm and by 3.45 pm there was a call “ Do you mind meeting at 4.30???”.

As you people know, it is really awesome to ride bikes on Chennai roads during holidays (especially with my rugged black panther). I was in my brother’s place and I came to sandy’s in just fifteen minutes. I was actually expecting 25 minutes but it was too earlt and I was the first among the three. So I took a walk. I left my bike at Sandy’s so that Niru will know that I am here (my bike is one of rare pieces you see in Chennai).

I went till Arun Unlimited. I was mulling over the days when we spent so much of time to decide on what we are gonna eat there. Sometimes Niru keep looking at the display and menu again and again and get confused (The same happens at Sandy’s). I think Arun moments are worth a new blog post. Let me think it later.

As I passed Arun Unlimited, I wanted to give a small gift to both the friends. And I was sure that they will like chocolates. So just grabbed couple of dairy milk packs and started walking back to Sandy’s. And has a message saying “I am here at Sandy’s. Seen your street. Where are you?”. I purposely wanted to tease her and replied, “Walking down from Arun Unlimited”.

As I expected, she was looking at me and as soon as I entered Sandy’s she asked me whether I had anything at Arun without inviting her there. I just smiled and she understood that I am kidding. Then we were chatting for sometime. We both were going through the menu booklet again and again and getting confused of what to order (you know, it’s quite difficult to choose when you have too many good choices). The poor bearers were waiting for us to make an order. At last we have decided that we will have waffles till the third person comes (Now the bearer was happy that we made an order but I am sure he must be cursing for sitting and fiddling with the menu for a long time).

By another few minutes the other person came. It was Sneha, who is a HR as well as a very good blogger. She writes a lot about food.

She entered Sandy’s with a nice smile pasted on her face. Had a nice friendly attitude. Niru gave the intro about both of us to each other and we started talking (sorry, I could not talk much to Niru and she was RELATIVELY quite). Series of jokes were shared and the time went well. The bearer was once again so much worried because we decided to share the waffles. And he gave the plates and we were relishing the taste of it. I remembered the last visit to Sandy’s when I just swallowed the entire maple syrup and Niru finished the chocolate syrup. So we have decided to have proper this time. I will make a separate posting for the first visit to Sandy’s with Niru later.

We were chatting a lot about the food category as we all the three people (I was about to write three idiots but I did not wanted to call myself an idiot, he he). The ABCDE joke was made us laugh for a while (Meet me at Sandy’s to know about it).

It was quite happy moments till the bearers were asking us whether we need anything else (indirectly saying get out you idiots) with a smile. We clearly understood the meaning and came out after spending two (too) happy hours there.

We had the hang over of the happiness and we had a small chat about the films. Niru remembered that she had seen “The Mask of Zorro” and was talking about the hot guy Antonio Banderas. And we said a good bye to each other and I was just looking at,

Sandy’s – The Sinful Shop


'Niroo' Ravi - Copywriter, Creative thinker, Blogger, Pot painter, Bongo banger, Angel, Devil, Freak said...

U make me sound like such a cute person.. :-D. This article meets my approval, hehe

'Niroo' Ravi - Copywriter, Creative thinker, Blogger, Pot painter, Bongo banger, Angel, Devil, Freak said...

love the fact that you remember and cherish the smallest of things :)

Natarajamani said...

Thanks a lot for the comment!
Wait for the other one which I had mentioned in this blog!