Saturday, May 30, 2009


It was May 15th 2009. I was coming out of a long meeting with my client at cenotaph road. As I took my bike out from the parking area, I started planning for my weekend. I was riding on the busy road with a very pleasant mood (Obviously due to the outcome of the meeting).

Though I had to go through the busiest roads of Chennai to reach my place, it was a food ride for me luckily. The traffic was as crowded as it used to be always, but amazingly it was flowing freely. Probably due to weekend happiness in everyone there on the roads I guess. I normally used to curse the same crowd when it gets blocked due to various reasons (I didn’t realize that I am a part of the same traffic!)

As I was passing through Mugappair,I saw a very small lightning at the far distance I could see on the sky. My mind started making its own music notes (It happens to me when I am so happy). My accelerator started getting more load on it. And the speedometer is slowly raising its needle to 60 kmph.

As I was crossing golden flats, I had some cool dots on my hands. It was the holy, heavenly raindrops. It started drizzling. Now my music notes started to transform to a new avatar. The new music was playing in my mind.

I felt that the heaven is open for me now. As soon as I crossed Amabttur Industrial Estate, the heaven was completely open. It started pouring. The roads were cleaned without any Corporation Employees (Thanks to nature!). My bike has got some free water wash (he he, even myself). That was the happiest moment in that hectic week.

My bike was giving me me a smooth ride even though the roads were covered with layers of waters. I took off my helmet wiser and enjoying the kisses of nature. As I reached home I was completely drenched. I was standing outside and enjoying the rain though I reached my home. My mother saw me through the window and asking me to come inside.

I murmured to myself,

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